Hayao Miyazaki marching to protest against nukes, with 2 people and 1 dog.


this is a good time to note that if you don’t think trans women are women i’d like you to get the fuck away from my blog

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why do i look so melancholy? you guys i had the best burrito today

The Abduction of Ganymede, 1635
Rembrandt, Oil on canvas


crushes on straight girls CRUSHES ON STRAIGHT GIRLS how bout no

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I want attention and a feeling of relevance

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 Saul Steinberg, 1968

Mum left me half a bottle of vodka before she went away and I had it sitting in the cupboard with the wine glasses, and because I’m so stingy about alcohol I marked how full it was with a little bit of tape((just how mum always taught me)).
Anyway, so my sister came over tonight and She wanted a drink and I went to get the bottle and it was well over the piece of tape by like half an inch and I have a feeling NZ guy took some and topped it up with water or something bc I don’t drink vodka and idk I’m a lot more paranoid now and I can’t say anything bc mums not here to back me up and I’m kind of scared but also pissed off.

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I call this piece: Indigo, ages 15 to 19.